Man I got to tell you I listen to a lot of radio stations to get my jazz and classical fix and hands down you got them all beat. I always find tracks to buy as I listen and the catalog you pull from is just deep. That’s all I can say about it. It’s so good it just is. It’s great that we hear your voice once in a while. It’s like having a friend over and it’s cool that you both just listen and the occasional chatter is just a reminder that the experience is being shared.Thank you for doing this for us jazz heads. By the way I learned of the station from a reddit post a week or so ago. John – Pennsylvania


So I’ve had your station up since you posted the link. I’ve been actively listening to jazz since the mid 80’s as well as being a guitar student of the music. The mix is unparalleled to any station I’ve ever listened to, even my station here in Denver. Your collection looks amazing and I’m hooked. Do you have a donate page? I’d gladly donate for music like this coming through my computer. Bill – Colorado

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